Now WhatsApp Without A Phone or SIM: 4 Easy Tricks

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps which has billions of users in the world. There are so many messaging apps available on the internet but it is the most common app which is used worldwide. So, to use the Whatsapp app on your smartphone, you need a good internet connection and a SIM or a mobile number. Nowadays, each and everyone uses a smartphone and they also have a SIM card. But what if you want to use WhatsApp without phone or a SIM card?

You can try a few tricks and tips to use Whatsapp without a phone number. There are few tricks by which you can create an account on WhatsApp without using any sim card. In this article will explain to you how to use WhatsApp without a SIM or a phone number.

Is It Possible To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Or Sim Or Number?

With Whatsapp, we can stay in touch with our friends and family, no matter where they stay. One can use WhatsApp without owning a SIM or a phone number by using a different smartphone and a different number. Like, you can use your smartphone, and you can add a different mobile number. And if you don’t have a smartphone, but you have a laptop or computer or iPad, then also you can use Whatsapp. There are a few ways that help to use WhatsApp without phone or a SIM or a number. Check out the methods below.

Methods To Use Whatsapp Without A Phone Number

Below we have explained various working methods that will allow you to use Whatsapp without phone seamlessly.

Method 1: Use the TextNow App

In this method, you need to download an app called TextNow app on your device. This app will give you a phone number that you can use to verify the Whatsapp account. Follow the steps and use the TextNow app.

  • First of all, download the TextNow app on your device from Google Play Store, App Store or Windows Phone store.


  • Once it is downloaded, open the app and setup
  • Note down your number. (In case you forgot the number then go to 3 line icon at the top left side and check out phone number.)
  • Now, open WhatsApp and enter that phone number
  • You need to agree to the terms and conditions and select your country
  • Wait for the SMS verification fail

  • Once you couldn’t verify it with SMS, you will get an option to call on that number to verify
  • Click on Call Me, and you will receive a call from WhatsApp
  • Now, open the TextNow app and receive a call from WhatsApp and enter the verification  code
  • Enter the code, and finish the setup process

That’s it! You have successfully created a Whatsapp account without a phone number. If this method does not work, try out another way.

Method 2: Use Landline Number 

It is vital to verify your phone number when you start using Whatsapp on your device. Without verification, WhatsApp will not be activated. However, phone verification for Whatsapp is essential, but it is not compulsory to have your own mobile number. You can use a different number to verify.

Follow the steps and use your Landline number to verify Whatsapp.

  • First of all, download and open the WhatsApp on your mobile, tablet, or PC.
  • It will ask you to enter a phone number to verify
  • Here you must enter your Landline number
  • Once you enter the landline number, the SMS verification will fail
  • Then, select “call me” option to get verification code on an automated call
  • Once you get a call on your Landline, it will tell you a 6 digit code
  • Enter the code on your device
  • Now, you can access to Whatsapp with your landline number

Method 3: Use Primo App to Create Whatsapp account without number

Using the Primo app can help you to create a Whatsapp account without using a phone number. If you want to use Primo App for Whatsapp, then follow the given steps and create an account without using a SIM card.

  • First, download the Primo app. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC
  • Once it is downloaded, install it and finish the Sign Up process
  • Now, log in to Primo
  • After successful login go to Menu
  • There you will see a mobile number
  • Use this custom number to verify your account on Whatsapp
  • Choose “call as a verification” and get a code
  • Wait for few seconds, and you will get a call from Whatsapp
  • Get the code and enter it in the verification field
  • That’s it! You have successfully created a Whatsapp account without using your phone number.

Method 4: Verify Whatsapp By Fake Message

While using this method, you need to make sure that your device does not have Whatsapp. And keep Airplane mode ON on your device when the phone verification is done.

When your mobile is in flight mode by default, the verification process will not work. So, when you create an account, you must choose SMS verification. Once you click on ‘Submit” click on “cancel” instantly.

  • Install the app (for iPhone users this “Fake a message” is the best app)
  • Once the app is installed, go to mail inbox on your iPhone
  • Whatsapp has sent a message on email to verify the mobile number
  • Send it to a fake number
  • That’s it! You are ready to use the Whatsapp account!

So, these are a few methods by which you can create a Whatsapp account without using a phone number. We cannot give a guarantee that these methods will work 100%.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it won’t. But we recommend you to be fair and not be fake.

NOTE: You must keep in mind that you cannot use Whatsapp without a phone number permanently. Yes, you can use different phone numbers to create an account but you will definitely need a number. No matter it is fake or real, you can’t use Whatsapp without SIM, or phone number. 

Final thoughts

That’s all for this post! Check out these methods and try and if you want to use Whatsapp without a phone. We hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any queries, then you can let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

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