How to Watch YouTube Blocked Videos [8 Ways in 2020]

Youtube has over the years became the largest browsing site for videos and thus has videos from all kinds of content creators. Now in this time, all sorts of people of all age groups and gender go to Google and search their stuff. Many times google keeps the tracks of the age of its user and prevents some of the content from reaching him.

Google does the same thing with Youtube and prevents unsuitable material from reaching its users. Recently it came up with a different Youtube app only for kids. Now sometimes it causes unnecessary blockage for some kind of people. But the good news is there are several solutions to watch blocked videos. In this article, I will discuss how we can bypass the blockade by Google and go on to watch Youtube blocked videos.

How to Easily Watch Youtube Blocked Videos

There are several ways to watch Youtube blocked videos. In this article, I shall discuss many of the methods by which you can bypass the blockade by Google and watch Youtube blocked videos. Below are methods you can use to see the blocked Youtube videos.

1. Use A VPN To Bypass Youtube Videos

VPN  (Virtual Private Network)  allows you to mask your original IP address and make you appear to be operating from a different country. This helps you bypass the rules and regulations of your own country and watch those videos which are blocked under geographical locations. VPNs are generally very secure and thus helps you many settings and enjoy your videos. They also solve several other problems.

2. Modifying Youtube Links To See Blocked Videos:

Some Youtube videos are blocked in some regions of the world. They have done according to the country’s national policies. But this sometimes causes unnecessary hindrances to a person’s work. A very good way to bypass videos is by modifying the link of Youtube.

For instance, if there is a URL of a video that is blocked. Now you need to rewrite “watch?v=” as “v/”. This solves the problem of blocked Youtube videos most of the time.

3. Hooktube

Hooktube is a lightweight version of Youtube, it contains almost all the videos of Youtube. The advantage of Hooktube it consumes much lesser internet data than Youtube and is much liberal with its policies than Youtube.

Many of the videos blocked on Youtube maybe unblocked over here. Suppose there is a video you have searched and it is blocked then go to the URL and just replace the “you” of the youtube to “hook” and the blocked video will now play. You can watch Youtube blocked videos by using Hooktube.

4. Proxy Server

You can watch Youtube blocked videos by using a Proxy server. You can hide your original location, bypass regional filters and can watch Youtube blocked videos.  One can watch a video that is blocked in their country by changing their IP and bypassing their region’s policies. It is possible to browse over anything without revealing your actual IP.

This also protects you from your data leakage as it fools the trackers that track your original IP.

5. Download Youtube Videos:

Sometimes Youtube blocks its videos in its video player but you can also download the video and watch it.

When you download the video the video plays on your desktop. There are several Youtube video downloaders available out there to download Youtube videos smoothly. MiniTool uTube Downloader is one of the most reliable Youtube video downloaders and it is free.

6. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a very powerful tool to safeguard your privacy. You should be using Tor when all other methods do not work and you need to watch the video very urgently. This Browser has a separate network where you can send your search traffics and so it protects your privacy much better than any other VPN or proxy.

Working with Tor Browser is a very complicated process but you can modify any of your information. Tor Browser lets you access any web content and thus lets you watch Youtube blocked videos very comfortably.

7. Eachvideo

Eachvideo helps you see blocked videos a lot of times. This is a very helpful tool if the video you want to watch is protected very highly. There are instances where for some videos even your VPN IP address is tracked and the videos are blocked. For such extremely protected videos, you can try Eachvideo. Each video is an awesome tool that lets you watch any videos with just a few simple steps. Go to the video you want to watch and copy the URL and paste it in the search section of Eachvideo. You will see your video playing flawlessly the very next moment.

8. Google Translate:

Google Translate can be used to see Youtube blocked video. One can change one’s proxy using the Google Translate tool. It is very simple to use tool which can help you watch Youtube blocked videos. The only thing you have to do is to put the URL of the video on the left side and change the language, this will unblock the video and you can play it easily. Google translate works most of the time.


With this, we come to the end of the article. I have done all possible research to bring to you the best methods to unblock your article. Now it is time to try some of the methods on your own. If you have any feedback you are welcome to do so in the comment section below.

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