How To Reopen Closed Window or Tab on Chrome?

It seldom happens that we mistakenly close one of the tabs of our browser which was required very importantly. This happens when we are closing tabs in a series i.e one after another. This causes a lot of problems sometimes as very important works are lost in just a small click. But then there is good news for you as it is possible to reopen closed window Chrome.

There are several ways by which you can reopen it. You can reopen closed window Chrome by using short cuts, by going to the history and reopening the required tab. One can also reopen closed tabs using the list. So you see through closing a tab sometimes can be a serious problem but there is a solution for it. The solution is incredibly simple and can be done in a few simple steps. In this article, we will see all the methods to reopen the closed tabs, and the methods will be discussed in detail.

How To Reopen Closed Tab or Window on Google Chrome?

The sudden closing of tabs in Windows Chrome is a problem faced by many users and many times it causes a serious problem. Many times things which have been found with a lot of dedication are lost in a minute. This leads to a lot of frustrations and anger toward the user. Now there are several solutions to the problems and it will surprise you that these solutions are really simple and easy to execute. Below we shall see all the ways to reopen closed tabs of the browser.

1. How To Restore A Google Chrome Tab Which Is Just Closed:

Now as we discussed earlier there are several ways to reopen closed Windows Chrome and this is one of them. In this method, we will look at the short cut method to open a closed tab on the computer. Now there are various cases when and how you close your tabs. You could have closed your tabs recently or could have closed your tabs much before and have opened several tabs after that or you could have closed a tab by mistake. Each of these cases has its own solution.

So let us discuss the first solution which is the shortest solution. It is called the keyboard shortcut method. This works only when you have closed a tab just now. So if you have just closed a tab by mistake then you can reopen it by pressing ctrl+shift+T together. You can also open two consecutive closed tabs. In the case of Mac press command+shift+T. You can open consecutive tabs in apple similarly. This is the shortest and the easiest method to reopen closed tabs. But remember to use this only when you have just closed a tab.

2. How To Reopen Google Chrome Tab From The List:

Now if you have closed your tab just now there is another way you could reopen closed windows Chrome. Now sometimes there is some mismatch in opening sometimes. In this case, you can go to history, history keeps the record of all the closed searches. Search for your search of interest and go on to open the search. Let me walk you through the whole process vividly so that you can understand the whole process.

STEP 1: Firstly go on to click on the three-dot icon on the top of the browser.

STEP 2: A dropdown menu will appear from the menu click history.

STEP 3: Now google will open a window that will have all the closed searches.

STEP 4: Go on to search for your search of interest and when you find it just click on it to open.

So you have successfully opened a closed tab.

3. How To Reopen Google Chrome Tab From History:

Now as we have discussed earlier that there are several cases of when you would close the tabs. Sometimes you close a tab and after that, you also close the web browser and after that, you want to open once again.  Now you want to open up the previous tab which you closed. This can be done by going to history and then searching for your search of interest. Let me walk you through the procedure of how to reopen closed windows Chrome in this case.

STEP 1: First go on to navigate to the three-dot icon on the top of the window.

STEP 2: A dropdown menu shall appear, from the dropdown menu tap on history.

STEP 3: This will open your complete browsing history and you can simply search it through and find your search of interest.

This is how you can easily reopen closed tabs.

4. Another Way To Reopen Google Chrome Tab:

As you can see there are several ways to reopen closed window chrome in their computer. Now there are several cases of when you closed your tab. Now, this method is very similar to the first method but I decided to leave no stones unturned in this article.

So in this method is when you have by mistake closed a tab. This method is very simple, in this method you need to go to the cross symbol which is at the side of the last tab, and then do left-click over it. A dropdown menu shall appear and it will have the option of “reopen closed tabs”. Click on it and you will see that the tab will open once again.


I conclude the article over here and hope it helped you out of the problems you were facing. Do not forget to leave your doubts in the comment section below, so that I can help you out.

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