How To Download Wistia Videos For Free? [4 Ways]

Wistia is a video hosting platform for businesses of small to large scale industries. In order words, Wistia allows businesses to gain traffic through their unique set of video marketing tools. For example, Wistia allows you to customize your video specific to your brand. You can embed call to action tools, direct users to your website, and apply email marketing into the video. But is it possible to download Wistia videos?

Unlike Youtube or other media sharing platforms, downloading Wistia videos isn’t as straight forward. In this article, we’ll be discussing easy and free methods you can use to download Wistia videos.

How To Download Wistia Videos?

There are a couple of ways you can download Wistia Videos. One, without using any URL link converter tools, secondly using converter tools, thirdly you can use converter software and finally a screen recording software. The first method is a little more time consuming but gets the job done, and you won’t have to use any third-party programs or software. However, the latter methods are the quickest and easiest methods. Whichever method you choose, we’ve listed step-by-step easy to follow instructions below.

Method 1: Without Using Any Tools

If you decide to go this route, you’re simply going to have to follow a few extra steps compared to using a converter tool. However, it’s not that difficult and our instructions should guide you through the steps easily.

  1. Go to any Wistia video you want to download.
  2. Right-click the video and hit ‘Copy link and thumbnail’.
  3. Now open a text editor. For example, Notepad (for Windows users).
  4. Paste the link you have just copied into the text editor.
  5.  Locate the text ‘wvideo=’. Now copy the series of lowercase alphabets and numbers proceeding the equal sign.
  6. Replace the ‘**’ in this link with the text you copied in step 5:**?videoFoam=true
  7. Now enter that link, into the address bar.
  8. Your Wista video will now open.
  9. Press the keys CTRL + U. This will open the source code editor for your web browser.
  10. Do not be overwhelmed when you see several lines of code. Navigate to the line with ‘W.iframeInit({“assets”:…”. In our case, this is line 63.
  11. Within this line of code, locate “https://embed-ssl.wistia….bin” URL. You can find this easily by press CTRL + F and searching for ‘https’. 
  12. Copy this URL and paste it into the address bar.
  13. Your Wistia video will appear in a downloadable format.
  14. Right-Click the video and click ‘Save video as’. Make sure you change the file format from .bin to .mp4 before saving the video.

Method 2: Using a Converter Tool

A converter tool is a program which converts video URL link into an mp4 format available for download. In this case, we’ll be using Clip Converter tool. This is easy to use and a handy tool to download Wistia videos, that have been trusted by many users. It also doesn’t pile your PC with unnecessary adware and gives you the option to download in several different formats. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Wistia Video that you want to download.
  2. Right-click the video and select ‘Copy link and thumbnail’
  3. Paste the link into a text editor, i.e. Notepad.
  4. Locate the text ‘wvideo=’. Now copy the series of lowercase alphabets and numbers proceeding the equal sign.
  5. Now paste that line of code at the very end of this link(replace HERE with the code):
  6. Copy this URL and go to Clip Converter. 
  7. Paste the URL into the Video URL to Download bar.
  8. Hit continue and wait for Clip Converter to process your link.
  9. After the processing is done, you can download your video in your desired format.

Please note, after step five you can choose to use any converter tool you like. Another great converter is GetVideo.

Method 3: Using Downloaded Software

Using a downloaded software has some benefits. For one, the converter tool will be easily accessible from your desktop. Hence, you won’t have to constantly visit a converter tools website. In our example, we’ll be using the WinX Video Converter. Winx is a simple to use software makes URL to video converter very easy. It’s great because you won’t have to hassle through source codes, find links, or use extensions and converter tools. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the WinX download page. Download and Install WinX Video Converter.
  2. Launch Winx Video Converter.
  3. Select the Youtube URL tab. (Note this will work for Wistia videos, not just Youtube)
  4. Enter the link of a Wistia video under ‘Video URL’ and click on ‘Analyze’
  5. It will list several download formats. Select the MP4 format and press OK.
  6. You can then select the ‘Output Profile’. That is whether you want to save it to your PC, Android Device, Apple Device and so on.
  7. Once you click an output profile, your video will first begin downloading, then WinX will convert it to your desired format.

Method 4: Using a Screen Recording Software

This method kind of cheats through having to download the video. Instead, you are simply just recording the video directly off-screen. In this article, we’ll be using CamStudio as an example. CamStudio is easy to use and is a free recording software. So go ahead and download the screen capture software and follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch and open CamStudio
  2. Click the red circle to start recording and blue square to stop recording.
  3. Save your video to your desired locations.
  4. Open the video and enjoy your Wistia video you have just downloaded.

Please note, you can use any screen capturing software that you like. CamStudio was solely used for demonstration purposes. OBS Studio is probably one of the best free screen capture software available, it even has an in-built editing tool.

Final Words

Downloading Wistia videos are not as hard as you think. Remember, you can use any converter tool, software converter or screen recording tool you like.

We hope the methods listed above have allowed you to successfully download your Wistia videos.
Thanks for reading.

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