How To Change Mouse Sensitivity?

Mouse sensitivity is an issue with many new computers and new users find it a very irritating thing. Sometimes you must have seen that the cursor moves a lot more with just a small amount of touch to the mouse and sometimes the cursor moves slowly with respect to the mouse movement. Now when the sensitivity is higher the cursor moves rapidly and when the cursor moves slowly the sensitivity is slow. If you needed to change the mouse sensitivity, you are in the right place.

Many times the movement of the cursor is not synchronized with the mouse, It may move too much or too less concerning the mouse. This sometimes causes a lot of problems while navigation, scrolling, and clicking, and this cause a lot of problems for the users. If you have faced a similar issue then this article is for you. We shall discuss exactly what is mouse sensitivity, how to change mouse sensitivity,

What is Mouse Sensitivity?

Before we go on to see the ways of how to change mouse sensitivity, let us take a look at what is mouse sensitivity. You must have noticed this happening sometimes in your computer that your cursor is moving too actively or too slowly sometimes. This happens due to the increase or decrease of mouse sensitivity.

It is actually the movement of the cursor with respect to the mouse, now the thing is that the computer has a default mouse sensitivity done but sometimes due to some reasons the setting gets disturbed. This causes irritation to the users.

How To Change Mouse Sensitivity?

Now we shall come to the popular question of how to reduce or increase mouse sensitivity? Now, this kind of problem is prevalent in all kinds of devices. This problem is faced by users of Windows, apple, alike. Below we shall see how to change mouse sensitivity.

 1. Windows:

In this subsection, we shall see how to change mouse sensitivity in Windows PC. This method is only for those users who are using Windows PC. Though the process is very easy it might be confusing for many so let me walk you through the process to changing your mouse sensitivity.

STEP 1: First click the Windows logo at the bottom of the desktop screen.

STEP 2: From the menu that appears click on the gear-like icon that is present on the left.

STEP 3:   This will open the Settings and then go on to click devices.

STEP 4: From the options that open up go on to click on the mouse and this will open the mouse settings.

STEP 5: After you finished the above then click on Additional mouse options.

STEP 6: After that go to the Pointer’s Options.

STEP 7: Go to the motion section and drag to the left side to slow done the speed.

STEP 8: If the cursor moves too fast, you can uncheck the “enhance pointer option

STEP 9: After that click “Apply” and then do “Ok“.

2. Mac:

In this subsection, we shall see how to change the mouse sensitivity in Mac. One can easily change the speed of the mouse in some simple steps. Below I shall discuss the steps to change the mouse sensitivity in Mac.

STEP 1: Click on the apple cut symbol on the top of the computer.

STEP 2: From the menu that appears tap system preferences.

STEP 3: Next click Mouse, click Trackpad in case you are using Macbook.

STEP 4: After that go on to click Point & Click.

STEP 5: Change the speed by using the tracker speed slider.

You have successfully adjusted the speed of your mouse.

3. Chromebook:

In this subsection, we shall see how to change the mouse sensitivity in Chromebook. In this section, we shall see the steps required to change mouse speed in Chromebook.

STEP 1: First open the menu.

STEP 2: Then go on to find Settings and tap it.

STEP 3: After that find the Mouse and Touchpad Settings and click it.

STEP 4: Adjust the Mouse or Touchpad settings accordingly.

You are done for now.

How To Fix The Mouse Sensitivity Problem?

There are times when even after adjusting the mouse sensitivity through settings it remains problematic. This tends to irritate the users a lot as navigation or scrolling in the system does not work properly. This happens solely because of the mouse and touchpad drivers. Now the drivers are sometimes corrupted or do not update on their own. Now one can update their drivers either manually or automatically.

You can update the drivers manually by visiting the driver’s website and update it yourself. Now there is also another way, one can update it automatically. Below I have shown how to do it.

STEP 1: First download and install the Driver Easy.

STEP 2: Then run the software and scan your computer.

STEP 3: Go on to tap on update.

Your mouse drivers will be updated.


I end the article with this and hope that you enjoyed reading how to change mouse sensitivity. I have taken every care to vividly describe how you can change your mouse sensitivity in various devices. This problem occurs in all kinds of devices like Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook and so I have covered all of them. Now it is your turn to adjust your mouse sensitivity and troubleshoot any problems.

Finally do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know if you have any questions or have anything to improve in this article.

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