Want to Know How to Cancel Your Prime Video Subscription?

Amazon prime videos is another premier content provider after Netflix. It is another major player and has one of the biggest customers. One can find almost all kinds of content in Amazon prime video.  Many popular local shows can also be found on Amazon prime videos. Due to its unique selling proposition, Amazon Prime Videos gained a huge customer base very quickly. Now there are times where a person does not need the Amazon Prime video subscription anymore. That is why one wants to cancel Amazon Prime video subscriptions. So in this article, we shall see how to cancel Amazon Prime video subscriptions.

How To Cancel Your Prime Video Subscription

There are several ways by which one can cancel Amazon Prime videos subscription. One can easily cancel Amazon Prime Video subscriptions in very easy steps. But sometimes the methods can be a bit confusing for people as each step is different. So in this article, we shall see how to cancel Amazon prime video subscriptions.

1. Unsubscribing Using Amazon Prime Video Website

Now we shall see how to cancel prime video subscription using Prime videos. Now if one has subscribed with Prime videos then you cannot do the unsubscribing from the Amazon website. One has to unsubscribe his subscription from the Prime videos. Below we shall see how to cancel Prime video subscription.

STEP 1: First open your web browser and then go to the official site of Prime videos.

STEP 2:  Go to the profile icon which is on the top on the right side.

STEP 3: After that go to Accounts & Settings.

STEP 4: After you completed the above things navigate to “Your Account” and click it.

STEP 5: Then go to the membership header and then go to “End Membership” and click it.

STEP 6: After that confirm your membership cancelation.

2. How To Cancel Amazon Prime Videos Subscription Using Amazon:

If you have got your Prime video subscription via the Amazon website then you have to unsubscribe your Amazon Prime video subscription through the Amazon website. Now we shall see how to cancel Prime video subscriptions through the Amazon website.

STEP 1: Firstly open your web browser and go to Amazon.com.

STEP 2: After that go to Accounts & Lists section and then go to ” Your Prime membership “.

STEP 3: After that go to cancel the membership icon and then confirm your cancelation.

One can also cancel the subscription by the Prime video site. Technically it takes you to the Amazon website only. Below we shall see how to cancel Amazon Prime Videos subscription using the Prime video.

STEP 1: First go to profile accounts and then click on “Accounts & Settings”.

STEP 2: After that go to your Accounts.

STEP 3: Then go to the membership section and then go to edit.

STEP 4: Select to end memberships and confirm your choice.

3. Canceling Prime Video Channel Subscriptions

Now if you have subscribed to any Prime video channel subscription then you must follow the instruction said below. This will not end your subscription instantaneously. Now we shall see how to cancel Prime video channel subscriptions.

STEP 1: First go to your web browser and launch it.

STEP 2: Then go to the profile icon and click it.

STEP 3: Select Accounts & Settings from the dropdown menu.

STEP 4: Now go to subscriptions and then click on cancel channel.


1. After canceling my subscription will I get a refund?

Unfortunately no you will never get the refund instantaneously instead the service will keep running and will end until the last date of your latest subscription and then get canceled. So your canceling the subscription will not end the service immediately you will enjoy it until the end of your last date.

2. Why have they kept Amazon prime and Prime videos different?

Amazon Prime is a completely different and better package than Prime videos. Amazon Prime gives you a complete library of paid things and one can also access them at a cheaper price. Apart from that Amazon Prime gives you free fast shipping. However, if you want only a streaming service you use Prime service. The thing is that Prime video is much cheaper than Amazon prime videos.

3. After canceling the subscription will the service end immediately?

The services of the Prime video will not end instantly but will end only after the last day of the latest subscriptions.  There will not be any refunds and so they will continue to provide the services until the due date and then the subscription will get canceled.

4. Tell us something about prime video channels?

There is a lot of great content but subscribers will not be able to see programs from HBO, CBS. But in Prime videos, there is a feature by which one can add any channel of their choice to their membership. This would require a small fee every time you add a channel. These options will keep popping up on your computer screen while you are subscribing to the membership. But one thing is that you cannot use a standalone app from other networks. In simpler words, you cannot get access to HBO Now or HBO Go by getting HBO prime video channel. In case you want a different version of the same channel you have to go for that channel by subscribing to the Prime video version of it.


So I hope you have gone through the article properly. I have described how to cancel Amazon Prime video subscriptions using every method. All the methods are vividly described and explained. You can try the most suitable method and then go on to cancel your subscription. However, remember that your subscription will not end instantaneously.

It will continue until the end of the latest subscription due date and then get canceled.  So now I end this article here and let me know what you think about this article in the comments blank below.

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