31 Free Ebook Download Sites without Registration in 2020

If you’re a bookworm or you’ve finally set aside some time to sink your teeth into a book, then look no further. In this article, we’ve got the best free ebook download websites that’ll keep you busy for a long time. Most of all, these ebook download sites require absolutely no registration. However, please don’t expect these websites to have the latest bestsellers.

Instead, you’ll usually find yourself surrounded by thousands and thousands of classics. Additionally, there will be tons of genres to choose from, so go on ahead and check them out!

10 Best Free Ebook Download Sites (No Registration Required)

Here’s our pick for the best free ebook sites. This list is in no specific order as all of the websites listed have plenty of books available. If for some reason, these websites don’t suit your reading tastes, you can also check out some extra ebook websites we’ve included at the end of this page.

1. Z-Library

Z-Library has a huge database of books and articles. Nearly five million books of all sorts and up to seventy-seven million articles. The user interface is very clean and minimal. The most popular books are displayed in a collaged layout, and the search bar provided allows you to perform detailed searches including year of publication, language, ISBN, etc.

2. Open Library

Open Library is an open editable catalog of books. That means anyone can add books to the website, hence creating a platform that is constantly growing due to its community. Most of the books listed in Open Library are classic favorites, biographies, art and science books. There is an option to register if you would like to keep track of the books you’ve downloaded.

3. FreeComputerBooks

FreeComputerBooks will come in handy if you’re into IT, computer science, mathematics, and electronics or if you’re a student studying any of these subjects. This ebook site is probably one of the best websites out there that offers a wide variety of technical and computer books. If you’re looking to learn to program, this is the place to go.

4. PlanetEbook

PlanetEbook, without doubt, has the cleanest looking user interface. That is because they have a heavy focus on quality, not quantity. Once you go through their selection you’ll realize that they only have a hundred or so books. But each and every single book is a high-quality ebook that can be read on any platform, whether it be Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. Most of the books available are classic favorites.

5. Standard Ebooks

StandardEbooks is unique in that it collects Ebook projects from other websites, formats, proofreads and creates a new version that makes them suitable for the latest e-reader technologies. Standard Ebook books have a modern and crispy looking typography and add a professional feel to the books. Most of all this ebook website is free and open source. Anyone can make changes to the books, and those changes can easily be tracked.

6. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has a library of over 60,000 ebooks. The user interface allows you to view books based on their popularity, release date, genre, title, etc. The current website looks a little outdated but it has all the accessories and tools you need on a free ebook download website. According to the Project Gutenberg team, a new website is currently under development.

7. Internet Archive

The InternetArchive is a non-profit e-book library that has over a million books, movies, music and more. You browse books by selecting a specific library. There are tons of libraries offered. For example, American and Canadian Libraries from the top universities in these countries. Please note, not all books on this website can be downloaded, however, they can be borrowed and read using the Internet Archive online book reader.

8. DailyLit

DailyLit has a great and modern-looking user interface. This ebook website mainly focuses on reading literary classics and fiction novels and is suitable for those who want a quick read. This is because this website sends you the book in installments (about 15 minutes reading time per installment). Some of the genres include fantasy, mystery, humor, satire, horror, coming of age, children’s books and much more. There are also tons of short stories available to keep you entertained. The DailyLit developers are currently working on a mobile app.

9. FeedBooks

FeedBooks is an ebook download website that lets you read your favorite books on any device. They have a large collection of books ranging into the hundreds of thousands. You can browse through best sellers, new releases, fiction, non-fiction as well as book reviews and reading lists. Please note some of the books listed on this website require a payment, but there are tons of free books available.

10. Booksie

On Booksie you won’t find the latest trending authors, but instead, you’ll find great writers who are up and coming or have simply shared their work online due to their passion for writing. Booksie lets you browse through the books based on their ratings and popularity (it also includes standard search features), hence you’ll have no doubts whether or not the book is a great read or not. This website also allows you to add your own novels, making it a great platform for authors to get their work out in the open and receive feedback.

31 Free Ebook Download Websites

If our top ten list wasn’t enough, check some more ebook download websites listed below.

  1. Z-Library
  2. Open Library
  3. FreeComputerBooks
  4. PlanetEbook
  5. StandardEbooks
  6. Project Gutenberg
  7. InternetArchive
  8. DailyLit
  9. FeedBooks
  10. Booksie
  11. 20200k
  12. GoogleBooks
  13. Free PDF Ebooks 
  14. Ebooks3000
  15. Ebooks Directory
  16. Overdrive
  17. Library Genesis
  18. CentlessBooks
  19. ManyBooks
  20. PDF Books World
  21. Free-Ebooks.net
  22. ICDL
  23. Amazon Free Kindle Books
  24. ManyBooks
  25. FreeBookSpot
  26. Issuu
  27. Baen
  28. KnowFree
  29. LeanPub
  30. BookYards
  31. eBookLobby

Final Take

Unlike movies, music, and other digital content, it is much easier to find free books on the internet. Hence, if you’re an avid reader you have hundreds of thousands of free books to choose from. The ebook download websites we’ve provided should keep you busy for quite some time. Have fun reading!

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