Com.Facebook.Orca: Recover Deleted FB Messages

There are times when one wants to recover their deleted Facebook messages on the messenger but many do not know how to do this. If you are in a similar case then this article is for you. The fact is that Facebook has a very well established method to recover your messages. It has developed a separate provision to deal with this problem. The provision is com.facebook.orca, it helps you recover all messages from Facebook. It is a storage folder that stores all kinds of things like music, songs, plugins, etc. So one can also find his/her messages from com.facebook.orca very easily. In this article, we shall see how we can use com.facebook.orca and will also see what it is actually and also learn about its utility. So in the article below, we shall talk about the various aspects of  com.facebook.orca.

About com.facebook.orca

com.facebook.orca is a special folder developed by Facebook that stores every kind of information like music, video, plugins related to any Android device. This folder has been created by Facebook only for Android devices. So all your messages and emoji in your Facebook app are stored here. Any Facebook app will have all the data stored in it for sure. Due to this large accumulation of data, this folder occupies a huge space. Secondly, you cannot delete this folder as it will keep reappearing again and again.

How To Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook:

You can recover your messages of Facebook on your computer as well as on your phone in very easy steps. Below I have talked about how we can recover Facebook messages on smartphones and computers.

1. How To Recover Messages In Your Smartphones:

One can easily retrieve their messages from the com.facebook.orca folder with some simple steps. You can find all your messages and pictures in this folder. So below we shall see how to retrieve messages from Facebook.

STEP 1: Go to the File Explorer of your device. Do not use the default File Explorer instead install another file explorer type app like ES file.

STEP 2: After that in the File Explorer go to the storage or SD card where ever you have the storage location of your device.

STEP 3: After that go to the Android folder and then click on the data button.

STEP 4: Navigate to the Applications folder and click it.

STEP 5:After that go to com.facebook.orca and click it. After that go to the cache folder.

STEP 6: Then inside the cache folder you will find fb_temp and then copy it.

STEP 7: After that uninstall Facebook messenger and then again install it. Do not log in again now.

STEP 8: Now go to Android, then to data and then to applications and then go to com.facebook.orca. Then go to the Cache folder and paste fb_temp in the cache folder.

STEP 9: Now login into your Facebook messenger and you shall see all the deleted messages now.

2. How To Recover Messages In Your Computer:

You can easily retrieve messages on your computer by following some simple steps. Below we shall see how to recover messages in your computer using com.facebook.orca.

STEP 1: Firstly connect your mobile to your computer using a data cable. Next, find “This Pc” if you are using Windows 10 and “My Computer” if your version is lower than that.

STEP 2: Then go to “Device” and double click on it. After that double click on internal storage.

STEP 3: Go to the Android folder after that go to Data Folder.

STEP 4: Navigate to the Applications folder.

STEP 5: After that go to com.facebook.orca and double click it. After that go to go to the Cache Folder. Then go to the fb_temp after entering it, copy the fb_temp.

STEP 6: After that uninstall the messenger app from the Android app. Again reinstall your app but do not log in.

STEP 7:  Then go to Android after that go to “Applications” and to  com.facebook.orca and then go to Cache Folder and paste fb_temp  in it.

STEP 8: Now again go to the messenger and then login.

Now you shall get all the retrieved data back.


Facebook uses the code name Orca for messenger. The process of work is known as the com.facebook.orca.  Once any problem is introduced in this process then the message “Process com.facebook.orca has stopped working”  starts displaying. The system may crash very suddenly and show the message. However, there is nothing to worry as this is very much fixable.

How To Fix This Issue?

One can fix this issue very well by following easy steps. Below I have described all the steps vividly.

STEP 1: Go to the settings of your device.

STEP 2: Next go click on Applications.

STEP 3: Now go to “All apps” and click it.

STEP 4: Next go to the messenger app and then to clear all data and click it.

STEP 5: Then go to the Facebook app and click it and then click clear all data.

STEP 6: Restart your device and launch Facebook and another app one by one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does it look like com.facebook.orca is a virus? Is it true?

No com.facebook.orca is not a virus. It is a common folder of Facebook. It stores all kinds of data from Android sources.

2. How to delete com.facebook.orca folder?

Yes, one can delete com.facebook.orca easily but the folder will regenerate every time you use the Facebook messenger app.

3. Is com.Facebook.orca important?

Yes, it is very important for the proper functioning of your Facebook. It is very important to have it to have it so that Facebook can work properly on your android devices.


I end this article with this, in this article I have vividly described what is com.facebook.orca. I have also discussed how to recover messages in your android phone as well as on your computer using com.facebook.orca. I have also covered some most asked questions. Now I request you to tell me what you think about the article in the comment section below.

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