Airtel USSD Codes: Data Balance, Validity, Offers 2020

Airtel being a large telecoms service provider has set up methods so that customers can fulfill their basic needs themselves. Airtel USSD codes are one such method set up by it. The USSD set up by Airtel is of immense help to people who want to know the balance of their Airtel number or those who want to know their phone number. These codes are of immense help.

They help you know the details of the package you are using, they also help you know your remaining balance. If you have got a new mobile number and by chance, you have forgotten it USSD code can help you obtain your number. You can do almost all the operations using the Airtel USSD codes.

What Are Airtel USSD Codes?

Airtel USSD code is a protocol by which a user can send a quick message to the service provider. USSD stands for unstructured supplementary service data. It is based on the GSM cellular network. USSD codes have various applications like WAP navigation, it can be used for knowing the status of your balance. USSD can also be used to transfer the balance to others, it is also used to serve the number of services the company is providing.

Significance Of USSD Codes:

There are various reasons why we need a USSD code system to cater to our services. Airtel has a huge customer base and if they decided to give service to all their customer via their call centers then it would be unmanageable. This is where the importance of USSD comes in, it is a beautiful way where customers can self-service themselves. One can do any kind of operation using these codes. There are several Airtel USSD codes for different operations and a customer wanting to avail any service can do using these codes available. By using USSD codes one can recharge one’s phone number, they can know the offers in their Airtel number. They are of great help to any customers as they help them in availing service for themselves.

All Airtel USSD Codes In 2020

Airtel offers several USSD codes so that customers can directly send their queries to the service center easily. As Airtel is a huge telecom service provider it has to provide to a huge crowd of people and that is why Airtel has the provision of USSD. In case of a normal service requirement customers can self-service themselves. By a USSD code, we can directly send our service requirement in a short form to the service center. Below we shall discuss the Airtel service codes.

1. List Of Airtel USSD Codes For Data:

Airtel is one of the biggest service providers of telecoms has to cater service to a large number of customers. This is why Airtel has a list of  USSD codes so that the customers can provide themselves with. So now to handle data-related services there is a set of Airtel USSD codes to avail service from them. These USSD codes can be used to know the available data balance, the data package we are using. You can also purchase a data package using the Airtel USSD codes. Below I have listed down all these codes for data-related operations.

2. Airtel Codes For Recharge:

Now we shall look upon another type of USSD code which is used for recharging. Airtel has given several codes so that customers can recharge their phone numbers. One has the facility of App today by which he can recharge his phone number using his bank account through the Airtel app but then many people still use a feature phone. To recharge these feature phones, one needs to buy the coupon and then recharge them using Airtel USSD codes. The usual code is *121*3# and then it will ask for the coupon code and then one can recharge.

3. Airtel Offers for Recharge Through USSD codes:

Airtel also has the provision of letting you check the recharge offers available to your Airtel mobile number using USSD codes. This company gives an offer to recharge your numbers for call and data recharge also. It offers deals like getting 82 days unlimited calls and 2 GB internet for Rupees 558. These deals can be found very easily by Airtel USSD codes and can be checked very easily using the following procedure.

STEP 1: Dial *121*#.

STEP 2: A menu will pop up and it will have the options of  “My offer” in it.

STEP 3: Select the option and the top-up will be made.

4. USSD Codes And MMI Codes Of Airtel:

There are several codes for telephone users who still use a landline and bulky telephone. The codes used by landline users to do self-service for themselves are the MMI  codes of Airtel. Sometimes the users of the telephone dial a long series number of codes to activate or obtain some service and the service you want to avail might also be accomplished by a USSD or MMI codes.

If the codes are other than the MMI code then you can send the USSD code and avail the service. There are a ton of USSD codes that  Airtel provides for and one can avail almost all natural customer needs using the MMI codes.


In this article, I have vividly described what USSD codes are and listed all Airtel USSD Codes. You can use them to help yourself and self-service yourself if you are an Airtel user. Now I end this article here, also let me know what you think about the article in the comment section below.

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